The goal for any business is to be successful, but if the right idea isn’t chosen, the business could be doomed from the start. Those who are looking for the most successful small businesses to start right now may want to consider one of the following.

Auto Repair Shops

Cars need to be fixed. Eventually, every car will break down and require repairs. Those who are able to do the repairs can open an auto repair shop. It’s possible to start out small and purchase a large building with plenty of bays and hire more employees down the road as the business starts to grow.

Car Washing

Car washing is something almost anyone can do. Add on detailing services and this can be a lucrative business. Whether it’s catered to those who don’t have time to wash their own car or those who just don’t want to do it at home, a car wash can be extremely successful and won’t take a lot to launch.

IT Support

Those who are good with computers may want to launch an IT support company. This can include computer repairs, teaching people how to use computers, internet assistance and more. Customers can be residential or commercial, so this can end up being a highly successful venture.

Home Improvement Rentals

The amount of homeowners tackling home improvement projects has increased significantly over the last year. The issue with home improvements, however, is that many require specialized tools that are only going to be used once. Instead, homeowners may be looking to rent these types of tools, so home improvement tool rentals may be in high demand.

Vacation Rentals

Most people are eager to go on a vacation and looking for somewhere to stay. While hotels are plentiful, they’re not the same as staying in a home. Vacation rentals are in high demand right now, as people want to vacation with friends and family and all stay in one place or stay somewhere that’s a little more like home.


Those who excel at a hobby or skill may want to think about hosting classes online or in person. The classes can be geared towards students ready to learn or be for adults who are interested in learning a new skill.

There are plenty of business options to choose from and no shortage of business ideas. If you’re looking for one of the most successful small businesses to start, consider the above options, as all of these have the potential to be successful.