Starting a limited liability company is relatively easy using provided online services which make the formation of the entity effortless. However, if the online service that was used to form the entity did not come with professional legal advice, there is a chance the LLC may not have been set up in the best manner possible for the LLC owner. There are several things that must be in place that only a legal professional is qualified to ensure is done properly. LLC owners will want to get in touch with an attorney or a law firm if they set their LLC up without using professional legal services. Here is a look at some potential problems LLC owners could be facing if they set up their LLC without any legal assistance.

How An Attorney Can Be Helpful for an LLC

Technically, a person can start an LLC without the use of an attorney, but it may be better if an attorney or law firm is used, especially when it comes to interpreting business law. Forming an LLC requires the filing of an articles of organization with the secretary of state in the state the LLC is established in. It also requires forming an operating agreement. The opportunity to make a lot of mistakes exist in filing these documents, so this is where having the legal advice of an attorney or law firm will be helpful.

More Reasons to Use an Attorney or Law Firm for LLC Formation

One mistake a person might make when forming an LLC without the use of an attorney is deciding whether it is better for the LLC to be member-managed or management-managed. In using an online website to form an LLC, it may be alright to do it, but the LLC owner must ensure to know exactly what all the documents on the website are saying and what responsibilities are laid upon the LLC as a result. Failure to know these things could be the cause of legal issues for the LLC owner or the LLC further down the road. While hiring an attorney outright is not necessary, it is good to at least choose an online website that is guided by an attorney or law firm.

Final Thoughts about Using an Attorney for an LLC

Every business is unique and may require unique legal services about their LLC. Find an attorney licensed in your state who is experienced with business law and working with LLCs.